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Enter Your Assumptions About Progressing Through Different Nodes in the Teacher Pipeline

Instructions This interactive figure can be used to examine how teacher diversity differs according to different populations of interest.

  • Users can enter values into the first row of the table to change the population of 12th grade students
  • Users can also enter statistics about progression through the teacher pipeline by race/ethnicity
  • Most Excel features are supported–for instance, Ctrl+mouse wheel will zoom in/out on the spreadsheet
  • Refreshing the page will restore the default parameters

Caution is also Warranted When Interpreting Results from this Tool. Much of the information about the teacher pipeline and the movement of individuals through different nodes in the pipeline is limited. This means that the tool is informed by information that may only be available from studies in a few states and/or that simplifications about a process that determines whether individuals move through a node are necessary. For example, there is quite limited information about to which jobs teacher applicants apply, and whether they receive offers so these values are inferred from statistics reported in adjacent nodes. For more information on the assumptions and data used in this pipeline, click here.