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How Might Policy Change Teacher Diversity?

Policymakers could consider a number of potential policy levers to increase the diversity of the teacher workforce. Most media attention has focused on how hiring practices or attrition contribute to the diversity gap (e.g. Anderson, 2018; Meckler & Rabinowitz, 2019; Walk-Morris, 2017)–while others contend that problems are rooted earlier in the pipeline (U.S. Department of Education, 2016, p.15). Below, we explore these hypotheses by simulating different policies that change rates of progression through certain points in the preparation pipeline.

We focus on five simulations. For each race/ethnicity group, the modified rate is selected to be equal to that of White potential teacher candidates, except for the simulation on attrition, where attrition is eliminated for teachers of color. The five simulations are, in order of their occurrence in the preparation pipeline: