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Loss of Human Potential from poor literacy instruction

I have seen the research in Texas Prisons regarding illiteracy, and dyslexia.

I've seen research on homelessness and dyslexia.

I've seen research on child abuse and dyslexia.

Is there peer reviewed research on domestic violence and dyslexia or illiteracy?  I have many anecdotes of women who didn't learn to read and how they are co-dependent and victims of domestic violence.


Debbie Meyer Columbia Community Scholar Dyslexia Plus in Public Schools Task Force @ReadorPrison Twitter #ReadingInstructionIsFundamental

Again, this is really outside my area of expertise, but my quick search suggests there isn’t much quantitative research on domestic violence and dyslexia (or illiteracy). I’m a big fan of Google Scholar (especially when it’s not an area I know well) so I simply googled those terms and here’s the search: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C48&q=domestic+violence+and+dyslexia&btnG=

Sorry not to be more helpful.